Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hillsong - I Could Sing of Your Love Forever [Cover]

Here's an acoustic cover I did of Hillsong's "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever".

In this recording, I used an Epiphone AJ200S-NA. I 'inherited' this guitar from a friend of mine who moved back to Indonesia. He left his stuff here with his girlfriend and she told us to take the guitars home. So here I am with his acoustic and Floyd Rose electric...

I had the guitar tuned to C#G#C#F#G#C#. You might be familiar with the DADGAD tuning. This is a half step down from that.

My microphone is Apogee One's built-in condenser. Vocals and acoustics go well through Apogee! If only I had known that a long time ago...

My recording software is the trusty Garageband. Seriously, if you know your way around Garageband, recording music should be fun. The result would also be amazing... For this song, I only had three tracks: Guitars+Vocals, Backing Vocals, Fill-in Vocals. I did the song in one take, so the guitar-playing and melodic vocals are simultaneously recorded. The backing vocals appear in the second verse and onwards. The Fill-in was just one segment in 1:09-1:15. All three tracks contain boosted reverb and a bit of delay. Auto-tune? Pffft! ...yes, but it didn't go above 40%...

I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I did recording :) Feedbacks and comments are greatly appreciated!

God bless!

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