Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gear of the Week #1


*I got this pedal about a couple of years and it hasn't left my board ever since. It's an amazing effect that I'm sure all you Wah-lovers would appreciate. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist, you can't go wrong with this pedal. Unlike Dunlop Crybaby, this pedal won't overwhelm your original guitar sound (it helps getting a true-bypass switch too). I basically use this pedal for any type of genres be it funk, gospel, rock, metal, or pop. It's really a useful pedal that you won't regret owning.

It has that expensive chrome cover look. In addition to this beautiful appearance, circuitry and sound plays a vital part in a wah pedal:

(top: circuit board opened)

On the first picture, you can see I modded my pedal with a true-bypass switch. I sort of need this because this is the first pedal my guitar is plugged into. On the second picture, you can see the chip and the "Watone mods" marking. Watone not only replaced the switch in the pedal, but increased the depth of the frequency of the wah sound.

This wah pedal is a very essential pedal in my board. You can hear it in nearly all of the songs I recorded (i.e. All for You, Steadfast, The Good Fight). It's one of those variation pedals I find useful in adding flavors to a song. Would definitely recommend this to all you guitar players looking for a wah pedal =D

Keep on rocking!

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